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Why Choose Lurcott Labs

There are many electronics design firms to choose from. We’re positioned to not only provide excellent electronics solutions, but to provide turnkey product development, from concept development through manufacturing of the product.

Complete development including the mechanical implications of a project. Our team has established relationships with injection molding experts, sheet metal fabricators, contract manufacturers, and electronic specialists from antenna design to FPGA developers.

Steven M Lurcott

A specialist in instrumentation and power electronics, Steve has been designing embedded measurement and control systems for over 30 years. Starting in the petrochemical field providing lab instruments for three startups doing hardware and software development, he then founded Microsystems consulting.
Todd K Roper
A specialist in electronics design, Todd and his brother Keith, founded ISI in 1990, providing electronic and mechanical design services.ISI was a key alliance partner with ATMI and co-developed many of the products mentioned above. Todd’s key strengths are an in depth understanding of hardware and software, from PC applications to PIC microcontrollers.
Keith B Roper
A specialist in industrial design, Keith co-founded ISI in 1990 and provides expertise in mechanical design.. Keith provides expertise in industrial design, and is a Solidworks expert. Keith graduated from Arizona State University in 1989 with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering. Keith enjoys raising his 2 children and Rally racing in his Mitsubishi Galant VR4.
Paul Armstrong
A specialist in creating software in many programming languages for a variety of platforms, Paul has over 25 years of experience collaborating with group members in such differing types of software as a telescope control system, an optical character recognition engine, a commercial backup and restore application, a control interface for a gas analyzer, a web-based configuration interface for a wafer robot.
Steve Hiner
A specialist in software engineering, Steve has providing PC software development for 15 years. Steve is a specialist in .Net and database development. Steve began software development as a 10 year old. He then went to ASU graduating in Civil Engineering. He dabbled in civil engineering but kept current in software development, finally pursuing a career in software. Steve is an active father and enjoys gaming.
Larry Martin
Embedded Systems Specialist, DSP’s, Microchip, etc.
Roger Coutu
A specialist in mechanical design, Roger provides expertise in machine, equipment, packaging, and component design. He has been providing project management, engineering, design, and documentation services for over 25 years.

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