Low Power Handheld Conductivity Meter
    5kw Aerospace Battery Charger
    Low Power Strain Gauge Pressure Monitor
    Thermopile (TPIR) Gas Concentration Measurement System
    Cyclic Voltametry (CV) Electrochemical Measurement System
    Ion Implant Fiber Optic Pressure Monitor
    Medical LED therapy Controller
    High Torque stepper motor drive
    7.5kw Linear Regulator
    Life Safety FTIR toxic gas monitor with eDiagnostics
    6/12kw SMPS battery Charger

Outsourced Engineering
Outsourced engineering is a practical way to develop new products without the overhead of a full time staff. Using our innovative development strategy with the right blend of extreme design techniques tempered with phase gate reviews, your vision becomes reality.
Expand or Enchance Your Technology
Leverage our extensive expert network that brings in the right technologists for your needs. Expand or enhance your technology core bringing in new ideas and products you didn’t think you had the resources for. Call Lurcott Labs today.
Outstanding Support
We provide on-site and remote support for optimal response to any situation. Our goal is to predict changing needs and prepare for them before a problem arises. We design product platforms that allow you to grow with ease and stability.