Paul Armstrong

A specialist in creating software in many programming languages for a variety of platforms, Paul has over 25 years of experience collaborating with group members in such differing types of software as a telescope control system, an optical character recognition engine, a commercial backup and restore application, a control interface for a gas analyzer, a web-based configuration interface for a wafer robot, as well as other various human-machine interfaces for sensor-based tools.

Paul is comfortable with interfacing and marrying many different technologies and has written many cross-platform coded interfaces. He is extremely experienced in software networking and has written many proprietary servers, including implementation of a failover cluster server pair.

Paul graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Northern Arizona University in 1986, and has continually kept up with the rapid pace of software changes through a longtime membership to the IEEE Software Society along with the constant development and evaluation of software programs. He is happiest when coding, snowboarding through the trees in winter, and hiking the southwestern canyons by summer.