Steven M Lurcott

A specialist in instrumentation and power electronics, Steve has been designing embedded measurement and control systems for over 30 years. Starting in the petrochemical field providing lab instruments for three startups doing hardware and software development, he then founded Microsystems consulting.

Microsystems provided embedded systems circuit development for numerous clients working on diverse applications. He then sold the business to ATMI, a semiconductor materials supplier and helped them develop toxic gas sensors, unique process measurement systems, and web based process control equipment (e-Diagnostics) to help improve uptime and reduce service costs. Various positions were held from senior engineer, to Director of Control Systems, to finally, Senior Advisory engineer (similar to a Fellow at other organizations).

Additional training in Six-Sigma led to several more patents in special instrumentation in electrochemical measurements and unique process sensors. In 2008 he left ATMI and founded Lurcott Labs, leveraging the extensive network of development partners used while at ATMI. While at ATMI, Steve authored or coauthored approximately 10 patents and papers.

Steve graduated from Penn State in 1978, then went on to Drexel University for Electrical Engineering, and finally continued education at West Chester State University for Computer Science. Steve is a sailing enthusiast, and after raising their 5 children, he and his wife Jodi are enjoying the empty nest.