Power Electronics

Power electronics requires special attention to more subtle issues. This covers the range from uW’s to kw’s. Sometimes the quiescent current of IC switching power supplies is simply too high for the application and another solution is required. Sometimes the voltage and power range exceed what is available from power supply companies or they are too large or too expensive to meet your goals. For custom solutions, details like traces width for handling the current, PCB layout clearances for passing UL, leakage inductance and gate drive design for SMPS all contribute to a reliable design. Layout is more critical in power electronics than most other types of circuits and is considered from the very start of the design. We use Spice tools and higher level tools like POWER123 for SMPS’s. Thermal considerations are also crucial for a reliable circuit. Each design has a thermal prediction model which is then compared to actual lab results.

Most system integrators simply buy off the shelf solutions for power supplies because of the cost effect nature of the solutions. However, if your design goal is not easily met with an OTS part or special circumstances make it worthwhile to create a custom solution, we have the experience and tools to deliver.

Recent Power Projects: